You constantly hear about San Francisco, The Big Apple, Chicago, or perhaps a few of the smaller, quirkier areas like Austin and Athens, Georgia, when you learn about some of the fantastic US cities. You never learn about Cincinnati. Which makes zero sense: Cincinnati is among the most amazing cities in The United States. Particularly recently. Here’s why.

Downtown Cincy has turned from sorta meh to awesome in an only a couple of years.
Once I was a child, Over-the Rhine wasn’t a place you drove through. Allowed, we were white children who didn’t understand anything about cities, but it doesn’t mean we were wrong OTR was the most dangerous area in The United States.

But it’s severely turned around. OTR is wonderful now. And there’s the Banks. After I left the city in 2011, the Banks was a thing. Our weekends were spent by us . Now, after I go home to see with family, I don’t need to cross over an important body of water to really have a drink.

Cincinnati is really not ugly.
They think of cities, when most folks consider Midwestern cities. Cincinnati sits nestled between hills as well as a river that is magnificent. And it’s not merely the natural setting: downtown Cincinnati has some truly unbelievable structure.


It was unavoidable that the town with as much German tradition as Cincinnati would have beer that is unbelievable. There are still beer basements running underneath the roads of OTR.

Cities that are smallish virtually never have teams as we do.

Cincinnati Chili.
*Drops mic.*

It’s the greatest if Oprah says it’s the greatest. Aglamesis ain’t not good either.

The streetcar.
Ok, it’s a slow beginning, but the transportation that is public the better. Perhaps the streetcar will cause a resuscitation of the deserted subway tunnels that are odd throughout town.

Strange deserted subway tunnels.
I am aware the underpass is Cincinnati’s biggest failure, but how amazing is it that we’ve a half-constructed maze underneath our feet?

Cincinnati Public Schools are among the instruction reform success stories that are truly amazing.

Cincinnati has actually turned about it in the previous decade. They ’ve severely turned things about.

In addition, the Festival of Melodies and Lights and Blooms would be the greatest, and nothing really compares to the very first time you see the odd laser tunnel intro in the Omnimax.

Holy crap, it’s not expensive.
It’s possible for you to live in Cincinnati. In a home. While not making an absurd sum of money. It’s (literally) among the least expensive cities in The USA. Not to mention everywhere you walk in the summer you can see beautiful people wearing the latest fashions such as LuLaRoe, Burberry and Louis Vuitton. These fashions make the city even more magnificent.