When it comes to the choice of outdoor signage, the variety can be overwhelming. Attempting to decide on the type of sign to use can be a stressful, although necessary, task for many companies. This is why it is important to compare the different sign types and options. This article will provide information on the different types of signs along with the benefits and drawbacks.

Different Types of Signs Along With The Benefits and Drawbacks

1. The A-Frame Sign

An A-frame sign is also known as a plastic sidewalk sign. This type of sign is typically used by restaurants and retailers to advertise their companies. One of the greatest benefits of this signage is its cost-effectiveness. The A-frame is one of the most inexpensive options for effective advertising and is easily noticeable to people on the street. It can be customized according to your company’s needs helping you establish a unique business brand.

Unfortunately, there are cons to using the A-frame sign with one being that they are not meant for long-distance advertising. This is purely because the sign is not large enough and visibility is low. Moreover, the A-frame signs are not tall enough to attract all customers and may be ignored.

2. The Back-Lit Sign

Back-lit signs refer to signage that is illuminated with low-voltage lighting placed behind certain images or lettering. This is a particularly beneficial option for businesses that stay open late because it draws customers to the building. It is more costly, but the attraction of customers can be worth the overall cost.

As with A-frame lights, there are certain cons associated with back-light signs. Location is the key for this type of outdoor signage and if you do not have good location, the sign will seem like a waste of money. Not only this, but if the sign presents with the wrong colors it can also appear faded or ‘drowned out’.

3. The Banner

A banner is a long strip of cloth placed in a public area displaying a company’s brand or slogan. The greatest advantage of a banner is that it is multipurpose and can be used for all occasions. This means it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events, as well as for advertising and other types of applications. By being customized with graphics and fonts, the banner can be used in different industries and sectors.

Unfortunately, the banner’s size can be problematic as it can be difficult to pin up and remove. Moreover, planning a banner can be challenging if you are designing one individually and do not have experience in the area. Banners are also not long-term solutions to advertising as they can be damaged easily unlike other more permanent outdoor signage.

4. The Channel Letter

Channel letters are three-dimensional outdoor sign options and can be illuminated to improve the sign’s ability to ‘stand out of the crowd’. A typical channel lettering sign is made of aluminum with aluminum backing and sides; however, the face of the lettering tends to be acrylic with vinyl cuts and trims. These signs are highly beneficial for buildings that advertise their services at night as the lettering can be seen from far distances.

Unlike the signage mentioned above, channel letters are more expensive because they need to be hand-made. Some of the letters can be generated automatically, but the hand-made alternative often provides better quality. Furthermore, the letters must be wired together to be illuminated and this requires a complicated installation procedure. Some channel letters cannot be installed directly onto the company’s structure and need a carrier to be added as a base for the letters. Another con to this type of outdoor signage is that when you change the company’s branding, you cannot reuse the current sign.

5. The Electronic Sign

An electronic sign is a programmable type of sign promoting companies by communicating messages when in use. It is considered one of the more advanced options and is highly beneficial for almost all companies. If you are looking for a way to stand out as a business, then the electronic sign could be the way to do this. As well as being programmable, this type of outdoor signage is customizable and convenient promoting messages without printing off different signs.

Despite being advantageous electronic signs can be costly and require a great deal of maintenance. When this type of sign breaks, it is recommended that you resolve the issue immediately or the sign could deter potential customers. Furthermore, the electronic sign is influenced by weather conditions and it does not last long in colder climates, particularly if you invest in a cheap brand.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various types of outdoor signage available to advertise a company ranging from the electronic sign to the A-frame sign and the channel letter sign. Using the information, you can decide which sign is best for your Sign Company needs and which will be the best to use in your specific situation.