Taking care of your grass and your lawn and landscape in general requires a lot of work. You can always get a helping hand if you could use one. Lawn care professionals in Ohio know exactly what it takes to maintain a lush green landscape in that area of the country. You have the seasons and the elements working for you, but your grass could use a little TLC, starting with these tips.

Top Lawn Maintenance and Grass Care Tips

First of all, it does help to know both your cool season and warm season grasses. You can use that knowledge when looking at guides for your particular region. If you have questions about which grass to plant, you can always of course reach out for that helping hand, too. Wait, you have to keep planting grass? Yes, when I had a yard, I was continuously planting grass every season to keep the lawn looking luscious. For more better results follow Best Treatments For Lawn Tips. It is quite fun!

grass care and maintenance

Do you know when to fertilize?

I said that seeding the lawn is fun, but you don’t have to buy the expensive spreader. In my opinion, you don’t have to get as meticulous as most people think about fertilizing either. You just need some weed and feed. Whatever you do though, you want to make sure you don’t use the wrong fertilizer at the wrong time. And remember again that you can always ask for help from a Ziehler Lawn Care Company.

You are going to be seeding your lawn, fertilizing and of course watering, but what about testing the soil? Yes, testing the soil is also a good idea, and you can do that quite easily. Or, you can leave that to the professionals, too.

You also need to make sure that you pay attention to how you mow the lawn. When you mow properly, you keep your lawn looking nice, and it is also in good shape for continuing to grow. What type of sprinkler system do you have set up? You don’t necessarily need an elaborate sprinkler system. It would of course be nice if you do, but you can take care of all the watering yourself.

Grass care and maintenance is quite easy if you stay on top of everything. If you don’t have the time or need a little help, you know who to call. Then you will be ready to take care of other aspects of your beautiful landscape, like planting some beautiful flowers.